Parenting Plans / Child Support

A very important part of a divorce or separation is the safety and protection of your child or children.  A Parenting Plan can be negotiated and drafted between the parents or can be decided by the court.  A Parenting Plan has many provisions that concern the health and welfare of the minor child or children.  The plan provides for specific time-sharing schedules including the days of the week, whether these days include overnight time-sharing, school days off, summer vacation and holidays. The Parenting Plan includes the location of the time-sharing exchange and which parent provides the transportation.  There are many issues that are covered in a Parenting Plan which provide parents with a road map to navigate co-parenting issues as well as independent parenting issues after a separation or divorce.

The court’s primary concern in a Parenting Plan is what is in the best interests of the minor child or children.  They are legal factors that the court must consider in its determination of the best interest of the minor child and children.  Often parents prefer to make this decision in a Mediation Agreement or Marital Settlement Agreement as they know their child or children’s needs and want to create a stable, emotional and psychologically healthy environment for their own child or children.

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Florida law provides that parents are to have shared parental responsibility for their child or children unless shared parental responsibility can be shown to be detrimental to the minor child.  Shared Parental Responsibility requires a relationship between the parents to be able to confer and discuss issues with respect to their children that include decisions affecting the welfare as well as the children’s day to day activities.

Since 2008, the concept of “child custody” has been replaced by time-sharing agreements which are part of the Parenting Plan.  These time-sharing agreements encourage parents to have equal participation in raising their children.

The attorneys at the Figueroa Law Group, P.A. believe that the health, safety, and welfare of the minor children are of the utmost importance.  We have the experience and network of providers that work with our office as needed to assist you in making functional and reasonable decisions on behalf of your child or children that will avoid litigation after your case is completed.  If your situation requires protection of your child or children, our attorneys have the experience and training to competently and successfully represent you to properly present your case before the court.

Our attorneys will listen to your unique circumstances and focus on your goals and will propose, negotiate and advocate on your behalf a safe and stable time sharing agreement that places the needs and interests of your child or children front and center at all times.


 Florida provides a mathematical formula for determining child support that considers the amount of overnight time-sharing.  There are significant factors to be considered to include, the costs of health and dental insurance, out of pocket medical and dental expenses, day care expenses and which parent can claim their child or children on their taxes.  The child support calculations consider the parties net income after taxes as well as which parent is designated to claim the tax dependency exemption.  Also considered is which parent is entitled to earned income credit and which parent can claim head of household.  Whether you are paying child support or are receiving child support it is important that the incomes of each party are calculated correctly and that the child support calculations based on those incomes and other factors are also properly calculated.

The attorneys at the Figueroa Law Group, P.A. will carefully guide you through the calculations so that you fully understand how the incomes are determined as well as how the child support is calculated. We will assist you in determining whether you wish to pay or receive child support through an Income Withholding Order or have payment directly received or made directly to the other parent.   Our attorneys will carefully draft the language or advocate for you in court for the proper payment or receipt of your child support to avoid unnecessary litigation after your case is completed.


We understand and know how important the safety, stability, and protection of your child or children are to you.  Your priority is our focus in your case.  Call us today at (321) 259-3100 to speak to one of our attorneys and learn more about how we put your children and family first.  We will help you navigate through this process in the most time efficient and financially efficient way.  We look forward to assisting you with your legal needs.