Modifications / Parental Relocation

Modifying Your Settlement, Agreements or Judgments

Even the most well-crafted divorce settlement or judgment may need to be modified after your case is finalized, simply because your needs and your children’s needs can change over time. At the Figueroa Law Group, P.A., we have the in-depth knowledge and experience it takes to successfully modify your divorce settlement in an efficient and appropriate manner.

Reasons for Modifications

There are a number of reasons why it may be necessary to modify your divorce or paternity settlement or divorce or paternity judgment. For example, you may move to a new state, get a new job, or face unforeseen financial changes as a result of health, loss of a job or other issues. You may also want to revisit aspects of your parenting plan or time-sharing arrangement. Our dedicated and experienced staff will work closely with you to identify your desired changes and then advance your needs through the legal system. We will keep you informed every step of the way and do everything we can to see that your divorce or paternity judgment is fair and realistic based on your current circumstances.

Prepared to Litigate

Naturally, it is quicker, simpler and less costly to settle any post-divorce or paternity settlement or divorce or paternity judgment changes out of court. We can assist you in negotiating a modification settlement. However, there are situations where an ex-spouse can be unreasonable and unwilling to make fair and appropriate changes. If this happens, be assured that we are prepared to fight for your rights in court so that your interests and those of your children are respected and protected.

Parental Relocation

There may be occasions when one parent finds it necessary to relocate their principal residence more than 50 miles from their current residence. Parental Relocation may occur with the consent of the other parent or by an order from the Court. If there is no consent, a proper petition must be filed with the Court to request relocation. The Court can also allow or prohibit a relocation on a temporary basis under certain circumstances. At a final hearing the Court will evaluate specific factors, taking into consideration the proposed new residence, the time-sharing schedule if the relocation is allowed, as well as the objecting parent’s current involvement in the lives of the children.

We have handled many cases of Parental Relocation and know the requirements to competently represent you whether you are trying to relocate or you are seeking to prohibit relocation. Contact Us Today!

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