Domestic Violence Injunctions

For spouses, partners, children, and family members who are at risk of being a victim of battery, aggravated assault, stalking, kidnapping, or sexual battery/assault, a restraining order, or otherwise known as a domestic violence injunction, may be needed or required for their protection.

An important note about filing for a domestic violence injunction in the state of Florida is that you do not have to be physically injured before you can file. You can file for an injunction if you reasonably believe that you are at risk of becoming a victim. If it is determined by the court that you are in danger of potentially becoming a victim of domestic violence, a temporary injunction may be issued, until the matter is fully heard by the Court.

The Two Types of Domestic Violence Injunctions

The Temporary (ex parte) Injunction can immediately take effect and offer full protection until a court date is set and the full hearing has taken place.

Once a successful hearing, from the person who has filed the temporary injunction has taken place, the final judgment of injunction is entered. This type of injunction may offer greater protection and last longer.

What If You Are Facing Wrongful Accusation of Domestic Violence

If you are an innocent person who has been wrongfully accused of domestic violence, then you could have a domestic violence injunction (restraining order) filed against you. Some people may file an injunction to gain an advantage in other litigation out of revenge, anger, or as an attempt to ruin one’s reputation.

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