Fathers’ Rights

It can be difficult for fathers to be granted time-sharing rights because it always involves a court process. Men seeking time-sharing in Florida must be able to prove that they are the biological or legally adopted father of the child. As soon as the paternity is established, a Florida court will create a paternity order and only then can a father legally have time-sharing rights. If you are a father in Melbourne interested in getting time-sharing rights or custody of your child, contact us. We have years of experience helping and advising Florida fathers in often difficult situations such as time-sharing and child custody.

Fathers’ Time-Sharing Rights In Florida

When it comes down to parental rights, fathers have the same rights to their children as the mothers do. Fathers in Melbourne (and the entire state of Florida) are entitled to regular communication with their child or children whether it is through the phone, e-mail, text messages, and physical visits.  Fathers also have the right to be informed and involved with any and every activity that in which their child participates in.

There are often times when agreements cannot be made on time-sharing. In cases of time-sharing disputes, a Florida family court judge will have to intervene to set a schedule that both mother and father must adhere to.  Unfortunately, there are sometimes disputes even after a judge has set a time-sharing schedule. If the mother of the child continues to disregard a Florida family court’s order, the father can request that the mother to be sanctioned.

Time-Sharing Modification In Florida

Florida fathers are entitled to the exact same parental rights as the mother but nothing is set in stone and time-sharing rights can always be adjusted or modified by a family court. A Melbourne family court can revoke or limit time-sharing rights if there is any suspicion of any instability or inappropriate behavior such as drug usage, excessive drinking, child abuse, sexual abuse, or child neglect.

It is very important for children to have a stable home and fathers are obligated to maintain a safe and problem free environment.

Brevard Child Time-Sharing Attorney

Time-sharing can be a difficult process but our attorneys can assist fathers in Melbourne and throughout Brevard County. Our attorneys have several years of combined experience and are fully committed to ensuring that fathers are aware and utilize their parental rights. Fill out our contact form or call us directly at 321-259-3100 for a consultation.