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Dealing with Divorce and Bankruptcy During the Holidays

The holiday season is often a time for celebration and time with family, but when you’re going through a divorce or bankruptcy, it can feel anything but fun. Make it through the holidays with a few tips to stay positive and keep it together.

Slow Down

The holiday months tend to get chaotic between family parties, work holiday events, and community festivals. If you don’t feel up to attend something, decline politely. When you’re celebrating the holidays for the first time on your own, or you’re struggling with finances, you don’t have to keep up with every tradition you used to have during this time of the year. Be patient and flexible with yourself.

If you’re going through a custody arrangement as part of the divorce, you might feel cheated if you’re awarded dates with your kids that don’t fall on the actual holidays. Be flexible and enjoy the time you have instead of worrying about the dates on the calendar.

Give Back to Others

It’s easy to focus on yourself and your sorrows, especially when it seems like everyone else is celebrating. When you take a closer look at those less fortunate, you may forget some of your problems, at least temporarily. Serving others doesn’t require any money. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or shelter to serve meals to the homeless or wrap gifts for “Sub for Santa” programs. Stepping outside yourself and your worries can make a big difference in how you view the season.

Take Care of Yourself

The holidays are in the middle of cold and flu season. When you’re not sleeping as well, and under more stress, your immune system often can’t fight off illness as well. Take care of yourself by going to bed early, eating right, and drinking plenty of water. Regular exercise can also benefit your physical and emotional health.

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