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Are you looking for a lawyer in Melbourne, Florida? Then consider hiring our law firm for a legal service that is of industry leading quality. Read on to find out more about the type of legal services we offer:

Family law attorney in Melbourne Florida

Our Melbourne family law attorneys specialize in a number of areas such as: marriage, adoptionchild support, time sharing and alimony.  At the Figueroa Law Group, P.A. we believe nothing is more important than the safety and protection of your children and regardless of what the issue you are facing may be, know that our attorneys will be here for you every step of the way. We have the necessary experience and knowledge to provide a service that’s competent and caring.

Divorce attorney in Melbourne Florida

Anyone going through a divorce understands how stressful, confusing and uncertain times can seem. When choosing an attorney to assist you in your divorce it is important to choose one who is competent and focused on all aspects of your divorce, which is what the divorce attorneys at Figueroa Law Group, P.A. are here to do.  Regardless of what exactly you are fighting for in your divorce, know that our Melbourne divorce attorneys will be here for you.

Criminal defense attorney in Melbourne Florida

Anyone charged with a crime is deserving of a fair hearing and an aggressive defense in court. Our criminal defense attorneys in Melbourne Florida know what needs to be done to provide the best representation possible. Whether you need defense for a misdemeanor or felony criminal charges, the Figueroa Law Group, P.A. is here to help.

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