Bankruptcy Attorney in Melbourne, Florida


We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve a fresh financial start. We represent people like you who are struggling with debt and who are harassed by aggressive debt collectors and lawsuits. Bankruptcy may very well be your best option if you are facing overwhelming debt.

If you are in debt, it is important that you speak with an experienced and knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney. We will help you determine whether bankruptcy is right for you, and, if it is, what chapter of bankruptcy is best for your situation.  We do this by providing an analysis of your financial situation. We will meet with you and give you our advice about what the best course of action is for you.

The way we look at your situation

We understand your concerns and worries. It ‘s scary to face the possibility of financial loss. We are committed to helping you understand bankruptcy, foreclosure, creditor harassment, and consumer fraud. We help our clients understand the law that applies to their situation and what alternatives are available to them. Our objective is to help our clients make an informed decision about their legal options.

Living with debt is stressful and demoralizing. Every day, we have the satisfaction of helping people attain peace of mind- the peace that comes with being debt free.

If bankruptcy is not right for you, we will tell you. We will give you the information you need to decide what is best for you.

Bankruptcy can provide you with relief from your suffocating financial obligations. Maybe you have lost your job, had your hours reduced, suffered from illness or injury, had a business failure, or simply find yourself with credit card balances that climb higher every month, despite your best efforts to pay them.

You may have done everything possible, and yet, you still feel weighed down by the burden of debt. You don’t have to spend the rest of your life struggling financially and dealing with creditors.

The purpose of bankruptcy law is to aid people who are unable to pay their debts. There is no shame or social stigma in filing for bankruptcy, Our clients are teachers, police officers, engineers, professionals, business owners, nurses- people just like you – hardworking people who need a break so they can get on with their lives.

Which bankruptcy filing is right for you?

The way our clients feel after receiving their bankruptcy discharge is incredible. Our clients tell us that are relieved and happy again after they get their lives back. This may happen for you too.  In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, debtors are relieved of the obligation of paying most types of debts. Creditors can’t harass you any more and they can’t file lawsuits against you for your discharged debts or contact you to collect discharged debts. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the fastest, most decisive method of getting rid of most debt.

In certain circumstances and for some people, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the best, or only, option. A Chapter 13 repayment plan will last between three to five years. During this time, you have the protection of the Bankruptcy Court. Creditors can’t take any action against you, or your property, without first getting permission from a bankruptcy judge. It takes much longer than a Chapter 7, but the end result of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the same – a discharge of most types of debts.

Don’t panic and don’t lose hope.  Call us before you reach your breaking point.  Talk to us about getting a fresh start and stopping those horrible creditor calls. Let us help you feel less stressed, less scared and instead hopeful.

If you are struggling with debt, call our office at (321) 259-3100, or complete the online contact form. We will answer whatever questions and concerns you have.

If it looks like bankruptcy is right for you, we will discuss your circumstances in detail, and help you understand the bankruptcy process in Florida.  At the initial consultation, we will review all relevant information, including your debts, assets, and income. We are happy to start a consultation with you today and we can talk in person or on the phone if you prefer.  We offer payment plans to help you if you decide that bankruptcy is right for your situation.